Entry #4

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow released.

2014-03-18 21:26:29 by Igmon

It's finally done, after months of work.

A unity3D shooter-platformer game with medals!

Coming Soon:

  • Time Trials
  • Easy Mode

For now, enjoy!

Here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/635908





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2014-03-18 21:30:57

Sounds like fun !


2014-03-18 21:37:13

Hope you kick ass bud, I can't run the plug-in required on my ancient rig, but I wish you luck!

Igmon responds:

I'm currently making a standalone version and will announce it here once it's complete. Hopefully the game is optimized enough to run on low-end machines. I avoided using fancy effects as much as I can for this game, but we'll see.


2014-03-29 22:18:24

Thanks for the updates. You've been surprisingly responsive to criticism, and I'm giving the game a second chance because of it, and having a lot more fun now. More than in the actual Megaman games, even.