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Yes, which is why we make the best of what little we have before the time comes. This too shall pass!

I'm no expert in newgrounds art ettiquette, but I think comics are fine. Your style is pretty sweet, already looks good without colors...in fact, the b/w adds to the mood. I'm imagining in a few more pages something magical and/or tragic will happen to set the story to the next phase, at least that's what is keeping me interested. Also, page 1 is missing :P

odditiesbyangela responds:

Thank you so much for reading it. I added it to the portal so hopefully it will be okay there. I guess you will just have to wait and see :)

Also, I am a moron. The first page is completely different than the rest because I didn't finalize Angela's design, but I will post it. I forgot it.

Looks great! The pose is dynamic, and he pops out really well.

Are you implying we also created dogs? Unless dogs in the future are genetically engineered! I really like the synopsis behind this, and the image in general. It feels optimistic!

I can fap to this.

Camel toe needs more contrast.

ooo, this is my kind of game, I love puzzle platforms!

A sea cow would definitely complete the experience! If I were to make a game for this, I'll make sure of that! And top hats, as someone suggested :P

LegolaSS responds:

not only did i feel i put to much time into this already, i also felt that leaving it open ended led to more choice for the game jam group. maybe top hats and sea cows are unlockables!

I would play this game! Hell I might even make it!


Now I can play frogger with greater conviction. Mad props for coloring the comic by hand, very consistent.

ToonHole responds:

Thanks! Watercolor is kicking my ass!

straight to the point

I like it. "cars, girls, guns, drugs" it goes straight to the point and the illustration pretty much says it all :)

Hi, my name is Dave and I'm a game developer. I do arts on the side and dick around the internet from time to time.

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