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It's a nice gag, that's for certain. The review section adds to the flavor, one extra star, and another for the fastest submitted game jam!

BoobMarley responds:

Well said, chum.
Thanks for taking the time to play and review, I'm glad you got a kick out of it.

I really dig the music, and enjoyed the humor! I manage to get to the end! Definitely challenging and not too frustrating.

Great voices and music, I really dig the mixing up and trying to guess which celebrity it will spit out, that in on itself was entertaining. Would have loved to see more celebrities made just to see how you guys interpret the person :)

DivoFST responds:

Thanks about the music buddy!
We are discussing if we will develop the game further or not but that is a strong possibility ^^

Wow, awesome to see you guys participate in LD! Nicely done for a 72-hour time limit! I love the music and the pixel art is nice and crisp! My only minor complaint is the movement is a little slidey to place crates and push buttons. I manage to get to freedom with a head-banging music in the end!

Wow, great production value, you guys even have a promo video! I got confused with the controls, I really did feel like a drunk vulture.

Pretty cool rpg game! You manage to put some personality to these shapes, they were anything but... *puts shades on*...square!

Just small minor gripes: the controls were a little awkward, you press Z to interact, but X to continue the dialog (why not just keep it at Z), inventory is way out there, might as well be next to the other buttons.

Overall I enjoyed playing this game, mad props for getting it complete and solo to boot!

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks man, thats what i was going for, trying to make a somewhat vibrant world, using only shapes :D.

Ahm, i made the X to progress because of the pokemon centers, i knew some people would mash, so i made it a different button so you dont accidentally trigger the conversation again at the end.

Thanks again :D

Pretty cool runner game, I like the art especially the level select screen, it has that punk-rock vibe to it. It was sort of hard to see the obstacles while running. For a fat guy, he runs pretty fast!

ProgressStudios responds:

Haha, It will be better once we finish the game

After struggling with the controls for a bit, I actually come to like this game. It sort of grows on you. My brain got quite a work-out! I really like the trippy effect and acid music, they both meld together well!

makehimanoffer responds:

Exactly what I was going for. I like to believe it tests your skill, concentration, and reflexes

Darn, no sea cow and top hat! Pretty good runner game, the challenge comes mostly from conserving your attacks.

Gameplay is actually really good, despite the art. It definitely requires a bit of skill to go through each level. The portal warping was a little disorienting when it instantly moves your camera. Other than that, mad props for getting this game done for the jam!

makehimanoffer responds:

Haha thanks. I actually got this and another game done for the jam. After a certain point this game became about making interesting levels. The portals were some of the hardest to make levels for. As they sort of did the same thing as the reverse grav but not as fun.

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