GitGirl: Battle Rainbow released.

2014-03-18 21:26:29 by Igmon

It's finally done, after months of work.

A unity3D shooter-platformer game with medals!

Coming Soon:

  • Time Trials
  • Easy Mode

For now, enjoy!

Here's the link:




Let's Play of Animal Wizard

2013-11-12 14:07:24 by Igmon

Here's another one by warrior2011.

It's so cool to see how people solve some of these levels. I'll definitely keep these in mind and make puzzle-based games more open to different solutions.

A Let's Play of Wreck

2013-11-12 13:57:52 by Igmon

A let's play by warrior2011! Thank you for making this video!

I notice the sheep is actually not invulnerable :D

So awesome to see a flawless run through each level! Mad props for that!

New artist post

2011-08-15 23:49:19 by Igmon

I decided to put some of my art stuff here in newgrounds, come check them out from my account.